Untergrund-Verbesserung bei einem Eisenbahndamm in Kroatien mittels Injektionen von URETEK Geoplus® Kunstharz

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Due to the placement of a gas pipeline through a railway embankment in Croatia, a tunnel drilling of the underground has been made using the HDD technology.

The pipe inserting procedure caused an increase of the stress state in the construction, which resulted in excessive deformations and continues settlements (approximately 5 cm/week). The embankment was built with uniform stone materials, size 5÷20 cm, without small and fine particles characterized by a large share of voids. To increase the stiffness of the constitutive soil of the embankment, injections of high pressure expanding resin Uretek Geoplus® have been made, based on the results of a 3D FEM analysis. During the whole intervention a real time monitoring enabled an accurate control of the operations and major settlements have been prevented.

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